Check out the new recording of Jacup - Jingler. A really catchy summer reggae tune.

(Song written by Jacup; Vocals by Jacup and Singer; mixing by G.A and Anthony Rawlinson @jutlandstudio)

Phlowz - CRTV ELVTN (Ohva) (feat. Uzzee) [Produced by Dara] (mixed and mastered by G.A at Jutland Ave Studios)

Creative Elevation’s Phlowz’s brings you the 1st track from his forthcoming solo project “Pretty Nightmares” due to drop this Summer 2013. It also features fellow CE member Uzzee, who’s tape “Evolution” is dropping this month, and additional vocals by 3feat.
Enjoy. #CE13 #PrettyNightmares #Phlowz

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